August 21, 2011 – Morning Worship

Monday Judges 10:1-16; Romans 6:23-7:25
Read these passages: what is the continual tension of the Christian life? What should we do about it?

Tuesday Judges 10:1-2; Psalm 23; Isaiah 43:1-7; Matthew 28:18-20
What is our reason for hope in the Christian life?

Wednesday – Judges 10:3-5; II Samuel 11; Luke 22:54-62
What causes the tension in the Christian life? Again, what should we do about it?

Thursday Judges 10:6-16; Jeremiah 30; Romans 2:1-11; 11:22
What is the kindness and severity of God? How does it apply to us as Christians?

Friday Judges 10:11-14; Deuteronomy 28; Matthew 7:21-23
What can we learn from God’s warnings and threats in His word? How do they apply to us today?

Saturday Judges 10:16; Isaiah 63:7-9; Hosea 11:8-9; Hebrews 2:14-18; 4:14-16
Bottom line, where does our hope and salvation come from? Who does it depend on?