August 09, 2009 – Morning Worship

Monday Esther 1; Matthew 22:1-14
Compare these two royal banquets – how are they similar?  How are they different?  Why is it important?

Tuesday Esther 2; Proverbs 16:33
Notice the many “coincidences”?  Who is behind them?  What does that mean for our lives?

Wednesday Esther 3-4
The plot thickens.  Compare Esther and Haman – which one is acting more wisely?  Why?  What do their actions say about the king?

Thursday Esther 5-7; Romans 8:28-39
How does God watch out and protect his people?  If he can do it for the Israelites in captivity, can he do it for you?

Friday Esther 8; Romans 3:9-26
What happens to those who plot evil against an earthly king?  What about the heavenly King?

Saturday Esther 9-10
What does this passage tell us about God?  What does it teach us about ourselves?