March 17, 2013 – Morning Worship

MondayRomans 11:1-10; 2:28-29; 9:6-8, 27

Read these passages; compare them and answer the question: will all Israel be saved?

TuesdayRomans 11:1; Acts 22:1-16; Psalm 137, 138

What is Paul’s proof that God has not rejected His people?

WednesdayRomans 11:2-5; I Kings 16:29-34; 18:1-19:18

Read the account of Elijah and the prophets of Baal. How does Paul apply this historical event to his argument in Romans 11?

ThursdayGenesis 45:1-8; Ezra 9:10-15; Isaiah 10:20-23; Micah 2:12; Romans 9:27; 11:5

As you look through these passages, compare the verses that speak of the remnant of Israel. How do these verses help us interpret Romans 11:26, “and all Israel will be saved?” Application for the church?

FridayRomans 11:7-10; Isaiah 29:9-10; Psalm 69:18-28 (esp. vss. 22-23)

How does Paul use these Old Testament passages in Romans 11? How might they apply to us?

SaturdayRomans 11:7, 22; II Corinthians 2:14-17; I Peter 2:6-8; Acts 17:10-15

To those being saved, the word of God is sweetness and honey, but for those who are perishing it is poison. What does that mean? How does that apply to us today?