The sermon for the next Lord’s Day morning service will focus on Ezekiel 17.  During the upcoming week, you can prepare for the sermon with the following readings.

Monday – Ezekiel 17
What is the fable of the eagles, cedar, and vine about? How does this relate to the relationship of God and his people? Why might the Lord use these literary devices here?

Tuesday – 2 Kings 23:36-25:26; Ezekiel 17:19-21
Here is a historical account of what Ezekiel’s fable describes. Who is responsible for this just calamity befalling Judah? Was it Zedekiah? Nebuchadnezzar? Or the Lord?

Wednesday – 2 Chronicles 36:1-21; Jeremiah 37; Ezekiel 17:22-24
How did Judah sin against the Lord by chasing after worldly powers for help and salvation? What are ways we are tempted to do similarly in our day? How do God’s words through Ezekiel apply to you?

Thursday – Judges 9; Matthew 26:52
Here is another parable of leaders as trees—what similarities are there to what Judah did centuries later? What lessons are there for us in these accounts?

Friday – Psalm 29; Isaiah 11:1-5; Daniel 4:18-37; Mark 4:30-34
Why do you think trees were often used as images for kings in the Bible and the Ancient world? How does that inform your understanding of Ezekiel 17 and what it ultimately looks forward to

Saturday – Jeremiah 9:23-24; Ezekiel 17:23-24; Acts 13:13-39; James 4
How does the gospel of Jesus who was high, yet was “brought low” call us to be humble that he might lift us up? What are some specific and practical ways we can “humble ourselves before the Lord” today, this week, this year?