July 20, 2014 – Morning Worship

MondayJoshua 11:16–23; Acts 14:24–28

Here’s the summary of the conquest of the Promised Land by Joshua and Israel. Any lessons for us?

TuesdayJoshua 11:18; Genesis 15:12–16; Exodus 12:40–42; II Peter 3:1–13

“Joshua made war a long time.” It only takes a few minutes to read Joshua 10 and 11 while the actual conquest “took a long time.” How should that affect our daily lives? Our application of scripture?

WednesdayExodus 23:27–30; Deuteronomy 7:17–23; Acts 24:22–27

Joshua and Israel should not have been surprised that the conquest took a long time. Why? Application for us? For you?

ThursdayJoshua 11:20; Genesis 15:16; Exodus 7; Romans 9

God hardened Pharaoh’s and the kings’ hearts (Joshua 11:20). Why? Is it just? Fair? Application for us?

FridayRomans 1:18–32; Jeremiah 14:7–11; 15:1–9; Matthew 25:1–13

In Romans 1:24,26,28 it says that “God gave them up.” Why did he give them up? How does that apply to us as Christians?

SaturdayJoshua 11:21–23; Numbers 13:28,31–33; Deuteronomy 1:26–28; 9:1–3; Acts 12:1–19

In Joshua 11:21–23 the writer makes a point that there was no Anakim left. Why was that important? What lesson should Israel take from the destruction of the Anakim? What is the lesson for us?