Assurance – Part 1

Deuteronomy, Sermon Preparation

March 27, 2011 – Morning Worship

Monday II Timothy 4 (esp. vss. 6-8); Deuteronomy 7
See the place of assurance and confidence in our Lord God, that we are saved and redeemed! Do you have that assurance?

Tuesday Psalm 88; Romans 7:7-25
See how in these passages we see that God’s people can have their assurance shaken. Why is that? How does this apply to you?

Wednesday Numbers 13, 14; II Timothy 4:6-8
Regarding assurance, how are Joshua, Caleb and Paul alike in the passages? How does this apply to you?

Thursday Jeremiah 28; Matthew 7:21-23; I Corinthians 13:1-3
See here that some have assurance of deliverance who shouldn’t. Why do they? How can we apply this to our lives and witness?

Friday Job 19:25-26; Psalm 23; Romans 8:31-39; II Corinthians 5:1, 6; II Timothy 1:12
Look at these verses. See that there is a place for assurance and for confidence in the Christian life. Where does it come from?

Saturday II Peter 1:1-15; Leviticus 19; James 2:14-26
II Peter 1:10 says we should seek “to make your calling and election sure.” How do you do that? Is your assurance growing stronger?

When Not to Believe an Angel!

Deuteronomy, Galatians, Sermon Preparation

 April 26, 2009 – Morning Worship

Monday Galatians 1:1-10; Deuteronomy 13:1-5, 18:15-22
When are we not to believe an angel, prophet or apostle?

Tuesday Psalm 119:89-104; Matthew 5:17-20, 7:24-27; II Timothy 3:14-17
What is our solid foundation and authority?

Wednesday Jeremiah 23; Matthew 7:15-20; II Peter 2
What are the characteristics of false prophets and false teachers?

Thursday Genesis 22; John 3; I Corinthians 15:1-11
What is the gospel?

Friday Psalm 40; John 6:22-69; Romans 1:16-17
Why does Paul have such confidence in the gospel?

Saturday Daniel 3; Acts 5:17-42; II Corinthians 5:9
II Corinthians 5:9 in some translations is translated “we are ambitious to be well pleasing to Him.” What does that mean? How do, or should, you apply it?

Household Religion – Blessings and Applications

Deuteronomy, Psalms, Sermon Preparation

March 8, 2009 – Morning Worship

Monday Deuteronomy 6; Psalm 78
What are the blessings here that come from Household Religion?

Tuesday Mark 10:13-31; Ephesians 6:1-4; Genesis 18:19; Proverbs 22:6
What other blessings come from Household Religion in these passages?

Wednesday Deuteronomy 5:12-15; Isaiah 58:13-14; Psalm 73
Do Sabbath blessings also apply to Family Worship?

Thursday I Corinthians 14; I Timothy 3:15
Everything should be done “decently and in order” – even Family Worship?

Friday Psalm 19:1-6; Luke 18:1-8
What are the two most important elements of Household Religion? Why?

Saturday Deuteronomy 6:4-9; Luke 24:13-35
See the Lord Jesus teaching God’s word along the way. How can you do likewise?

The Duty of Family Worship

Deuteronomy, Psalms, Sermon Preparation

February 22, 2009 – Morning Worship

MondayDeuteronomy 6; Psalm 78
Why is the family, i.e. the home, the foundation of spiritual instruction?

TuesdayGenesis 18:19; Deuteronomy 5
How do God’s covenant promises and laws effect the family? The Christian?

WednesdayEphesians 6; Exodus 12:26-27; Joshua 4:1-7
What are Paul’s instructions concerning the family?

ThursdayPsalm 19:7-24; II Timothy 3:14-17
Why should the word of God be central to family life and the individual Christian’s life?

FridayMatthew 7:7-12; Luke 11:1-12; 18:1-8
Why should prayer be a priority in family life? In the Christian’s life?

SaturdayLuke 24:13-35; Deuteronomy 6:1-15
How is this Luke 24 passage an application of the Deuteronomy 6 passage?

The Song of Moses: A Song of Covenant

Deuteronomy, Sermon Preparation

April 27, 2008 – Morning Worship

MondayDeuteronomy 31:30-32:47
Why is this Song of Moses included here at the end of Deuteronomy?

TuesdayExodus 17:1-7; 1 Corinthians 10
Throughout Moses’ song God is called a “Rock.” What significance did this have for the Israelites standing right outside the Promised Land? What significance does this have for us?

WednesdayPsalm 18; Matthew 7:21-29
How does knowing God as our Rock bring us comfort, peace, and/or hope?

ThursdayPsalm 78; Mark 12:1-12
How was Israel to hear the chilling prophecies of judgment in the Song of Moses and elsewhere in the OT? Are we to hear them differently, and if so, how?

FridayRomans 2:1-11; 9:30-10:21; 12:17-21; 15:8-13
How do we, following Paul’s example in Romans, hear and apply the Song of Moses to our lives in light of Christ’s coming and the New Covenant in his blood?

SaturdayDeuteronomy 31:30-32:47
What sins does this passage expose in your heart and life? How does this song change or correct your view of God? How does this passage offer comfort and hope to sinners?