Acceptable Worship – Only Through a Mediator

Leviticus, Sermon Preparation

September 21, 2008 – Morning Worship
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MondayLeviticus 4, 16; Psalm 5
So many sacrifices to approach the Holy God – why?

TuesdayHebrews 9, 10
What can we do that Old Testament saints couldn’t do?

WednesdayJohn 5:19-46; I John 2:18-29
Can anyone love God the Father and not love Jesus the Son?

ThursdayRomans 3; Ephesians 2
See how pervasive and powerful sin is, that we are helpless and hopeless without a mediator to redeem us and bring us to God.

FridayIsaiah 53; Ephesians 2
Man is helpless and guilty in his sin, “but God” has done something – what did he do?

SaturdayJohn 3; 14:6; I Timothy 2:5-6
Who is the only way to God? Are you sure? Why?