Learning to Live Well in a Broken World

Isn’t the Bible just a bunch of do’s and don’ts written thousands of years ago? What can it offer for today’s challenging world?

CHRIST OUR WISDOM, our 2017 Spring Conference, showed how ancient wisdom still speaks into the modern world and its unique challenges whether you’re exploring what Christianity is all about, new to the Christian faith and want to learn more about what God says in the Bible, or are a long-time Christian ready for a refresher course on living well in light of God’s wisdom


Session Audio


Session 1: How Wisdom Works (Proverbs)



Session 2: When Wisdom Fails (Ecclesiastes)

Session 3: God vs. Wisdom (Job)



Worship / Session 4: Christ Our Wisdom (1 Corinthians 1:17-32)


The Speaker

Dr. Stephen Coleman is the Associate Pastor at Wallace Presbyterian Church, where he shares in the teaching, preaching and other pastoral responsibilities.  Dr. Coleman is known for his skill at blending penetrating scholarly insight with good humor and common sense to provide a fresh look at the ancient texts of the Bible.

The son of RPCB pastor, Mike Coleman, and a Maryland native, Stephen graduated from Grove City College (B.A., 2002), Westminster Seminary California (M. Div., 2005), and The Catholic University of America (M.A., 2010, Ph.D. 2016). In addition to pastoring at Wallace, Stephen serves as a Guest Lecturer at Reformed Theological Seminary, Washington, D.C. and an Adjunct Professor at Westminster Theological Seminary teaching in the areas of Biblical Languages and Old Testament.

While at Grove City, Stephen met and married his wife and best friend, Carrie. Stephen and Carrie have five children — Molly, Oliver, Charlotte, Whitman, and Margaret.




The Friday morning men’s group will be meeting to discuss The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment on June 21. We currently meet at 6:30 AM at the Bob Evans restaurant in Bowie. All men are welcome.


Join us Saturday, June 22, 8:30 AM at the Colemans’ (14401 Knoll View Court, Bowie, MD) as we continue to discuss Os Guinness’ book, Fool’s Talk: Recovering the Art of Christian Persuasion. To prepare, read through chapter 12.


Vacation Bible School will be this July 15-19, with our usual VBS dinner on Friday, July 19 (all are invited). Look for brochures and signup sheets in the foyer.

About Us

Our Founding Principles


The Bible, God’s Word, is the foundational authority in the church. We desire to base our worship and our very lives on its teaching.


We are a Protestant congregation, committed to the doctrine that sinful people can only be made right with God by faith in Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God.


We are committed to Reformed theology. Our teaching and preaching reflects the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms, the systematic statement of the Bible’s teaching adopted by our denomination as its doctrinal summary.


We believe that the form of government appointed by Christ for the church’s well-being is Presbyterian. This means that government in our church is exercised through the ministry of elders who are called by God and recognized by the people.

Our Vision of Ministry

To fulfill our mission as a local expression of Christ’s church, we seek to glorify God and enjoy Him forever as we…

Worship God

  • worship Him in Spirit and in truth, according to the Bible.
  • understand Biblical doctrine, summarized by the Westminster Confession of Faith.
  • love Him with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.
  • center our lives, individually and corporately, on the Lord Jesus Christ.

Encourage Each Other in the Faith

  • pray and worship God as a congregation, in families, and individually.
  • know the Word of God, under the teaching and discipline of the elders.
  • be faithful stewards of the responsibilities, gifts, and resources that God has given us.
  • be involved in each other’s lives and responsive to each other’s needs.
  • look forward to the day when Christ returns and we will be with Him forever.

Proclaim Christ to the World

  • evangelize – locally through preaching and teaching, globally through missions.
  • bear witness – knowing, practicing, and defending our faith in Christ.

Our Denomination

The Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) was founded by 250 congregations in 1973, and now consists of over 1500 congregations with more than 300,000 members.

Our History

Our congregation began worshiping in 1984 as a mission of Wallace Memorial Presbyterian Church of Hyattsville and Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Annapolis. We were organized as the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Bowie in October 1985.