September 29, 2013 – Morning Worship

MondayRomans 14:1–15; Psalm 133

“For Christ did not please Himself.” What does that mean? How does it apply?

TuesdayPhilippians 2:1–11; Matthew 26:36–46

How do we follow Jesus’ example in these passages? How do we apply it in our everyday lives?

WednesdayPsalm 19:7–14; 119:1–16; Matthew 7:24–27

What is our foundation as we seek to be like Christ? How strong is your foundation?

ThursdayPsalm 84; Colossians 3; Acts 2:42–47; 4:32–37

What should our fellowship look like? Sound like? What part do you play in the way we look and sound as a church?

FridayPsalm 148–150; Romans 11:33–36

What should our worship be full of? What part do we play as individual Christians to help make our worship like we see in these passages?

SaturdayExodus 22:16–23:13; Matthew 8:1–4; 9:1–13; Romans 14:1,13; 15:7

Paul says we should “welcome one another.” How do these passages help us to do that?