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Isaiah: God’s Good News for Transforming the World

Someone has said that Isaiah is the ‘Romans’ of the OT; that is, Isaiah, like Romans, presents us the great good news of God’s salvation in all its glory. Others have said that Isaiah is like the whole Bible in one book, because the book of Isaiah spans from creation to new creation. The book is bookended with references to the heavens and the earth and a new heavens and a new earth, and in between it’s all about the gospel story of God saving his people through judgment for the transformation of the world.

And as Isaiah tells this grand story of the gospel from creation to new creation, he does so in pictures. Isaiah is a prophet, but he is also a painter, an artist — because his book is full of pictures/images as he explains the gospel to us. So come join us as we delve into the OT Gospel of Isaiah and see the glory of God displayed in pictures that will capture our minds and hearts.


Friday April 24Saturday April 25Sunday April 26
7:30 PMSession 1: Isaiah 1:1-2:5 – A Tale of One City (click to watch on YouTube [closed captions offered])

9:00 AMSession 2: Isaiah 6: 1-13 – When Our Worlds Fall Apart
10:00 AM – Break / Q&A with Dr. Gibson
11:00 AMSession 3: Isaiah 11 – Edentopia: Messiah’s Reign
10:00 AM – Worship: Isaiah 53 – The Weak Things of this World
11:15 AM – Sermon discussion with Dr. Gibson
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The Speaker

Jonathan Gibson
Assistant Pastor of Old Testament
Westminster Theological Seminary

Jonny is ordained as a Teaching Elder in the International Presbyterian Church (UK). Previously, he served as Associate Minister at Cambridge Presbyterian Church, England, before taking up his post as Associate Professor of OT at Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia. He is married to Jackie and they have four children: Benjamin, Leila, Zachary and Baby Gib. 

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