November 29, 2009 – Morning Worship

Monday Luke 4:1-13
In what ways could Jesus have doubted the Father’s love? How did Jesus deal with the onslaught of Satan’s lies?

Tuesday Luke 4:14-30
Where does Jesus read from in his first sermon? What is the theme of this sermon? Who is Jesus proclaiming to be?

Wednesday John 6:22-71
Why were the crowds “offended” by Jesus’ words? What was Simon Peter’s conclusion to the hard teaching of Jesus? How can this help us when we are in doubt?

Thursday Psalm 103
It’s Thanksgiving today. Use this Psalm to give thanks for who God is and what he has done.

Friday Isaiah 40:1-31
Who took this passage as his calling? As you read through this passage, what is the Lord wanting us to put our certainty in?

Saturday Isaiah 8:11-15; Matthew 11:1-6
The Lord Jesus says “blessed is the one who is not offended by me.” How is the gospel of the Lord Jesus offensive to us?