November 18, 2012 – Morning Worship

MondayRomans 8:31–36; Deuteronomy 7:1–15

What are the five main questions in Romans 8:31–36 and what is the answer to each one? How does this affect your life?

TuesdayRomans 8:31; Judges 7

If God is for us, who or what can be against us? What is the answer? What is the application for you?

WednesdayRomans 8:32; Psalm 23; Exodus 16:1–26

What is the potential fear Paul is dealing with in Romans 8:32? What is the answer? How does it apply to you?

ThursdayRomans 8:33–34; Job 22; 42

What is the concern that Paul is considering in Romans 8:33–34? Is this your concern? What is the wonderful answer and comfort for any with this concern?

FridayRomans 8:35–36; Exodus 16; II Kings 18:13–37

In Romans 8:35–36 Paul lists some possible obstacles that tempt us to doubt Christ’s love for us. How can we continue to believe Christ loves us in the midst of such obstacles?

SaturdayJohn 1:1–18; 3:16; 10:1–18; 19:1–27; Romans 5:6–11

From these passages consider what we should remember when the world, the flesh and the devil tempt us to doubt Christ’s love for us.