April 4, 2010 – Morning Worship

Monday – Matthew 27:62-28:20
In Matthew’s account of Christ’s resurrection, which characters do you identify with, and why?  What questions and doubts do you have, and how would Matthew answer them from this passage?

Tuesday – Matthew 25:1-26:1
Why does Matthew recount these parables and teachings right before his testimony to the death and resurrection of Christ in Matt. 26-28?  What is the important context in which Christ’s Passion takes place? What does that mean for us?

Wednesday – Isaiah 52:13-53:12; Matthew 26:1-29
Whose plan was it for Jesus to die?  How is Judas involved?  How ought this reality comfort us?  Convict us?

Thursday – Zechariah 13; Matthew 26:30-75
What do these passages tell us about Jesus?  What does he mean to you?  How does Peter’s relationship with Jesus both challenge and comfort us?

Friday – Psalm 22;Matthew 27:1-60
The death of our Savior – why did it have to happen?  How does Psalm 22 help us understand what Matthew 27 means?  How does this change our daily lives?

Saturday – Matthew 27:62-28:20; 1 Corinthians 15
Why is the resurrection so central to the Christian faith?  How does it determine how we think about life, death, joy, sorrow, and eternity?  In what ways will the next week be different for you as a Christian, because Christ rose from the dead?