June 1, 2014 – Morning Worship

MondayJoshua 5:13–6:27

Read the account of Joshua and the battle of Jericho. What are the lessons there for us as Christians?

TuesdayJoshua 6:15–21; Matthew 5:43–48; Luke 13:1–5; Romans 13:1–7

Many Christians have trouble with the “devote to destruction” passages in the Old Testament. They think it’s contrary to the mind and spirit of Jesus (in other words, “that’s the god of the Old Testament”). What do you think?

WednesdayDeuteronomy 8:17; 9:1–12; Jeremiah 7; Luke 18:9–14

When God punishes the wicked, drives out the pagan nations using Israel, it’s tempting for Israel to become proud. Why was that wrong?

ThursdayJoshua 5:13–15; 6:2–5; II Kings 6:8–19; Acts 18:1–11

Look at these passages and consider how God encourages His people at just the right time. How does that apply to you?

FridayDeuteronomy 13; I Samuel 13:5–15; 15:22–23; Matthew 4:1–11; Acts 5:27–32

God’s word makes it clear that obedience is more important than success, victory, sacrifice, etc. How does that apply to your daily life?

SaturdayJoshua 6:22–25; Isaiah 2:1–5; 49:1–6; Matthew 28:18–20

Even in the midst of God’s righteous judgment upon the wicked, in other words the pagan nations, we see His grace and mercy to Rahab. How does that apply to your life and witness?