June 28, 2009 – Morning Worship

MondayGalatians 2:11-21 (esp. vss. 14-16); Isaiah 1
How did the Jews in Isaiah 1 and the Galatians misunderstand the purpose of the “works of the law”?

TuesdayEphesians 2; Leviticus 16
Paul is teaching that both the Jew and the Gentile are saved the same way – how?

WednesdayI Samuel 4:1-11; Jeremiah 7:1-15; Galatians 2:14-16; 3:2
Why was Paul so obsessed with the view of the “works of the law” that the Galatians were accepting? Is it that important?

ThursdayDeuteronomy 7:1-11; 13; Matthew 5:27-30; I Corinthians 6:9-20
When it comes to temptations to sin or false teaching, we should “nip it in the bud”. Why?

FridayGenesis 6:1-8; Psalm 14:1-3; Isaiah 64:6; Romans 3
How about if we “really try” to do our best, then can we trust in our works? Why or why not?

SaturdayMatthew 18:21-35; 23
Why is hypocrisy such a blight on the church? On the Christian?