November 7, 2010 – Morning Worship

Monday Matthew 6:9-13; Genesis 3; Matthew 4:1-11
To earnestly pray Matthew 6:13 we must believe in Satan’s power and subtlety. Do you?

Tuesday – Job 1, 2; I Peter 5:8
What do we learn about Satan in these passages? How does this apply to you?

Wednesday Ecclesiastes 3:1-8; Luke 4:13; Matthew 16:21-23
How do you think Satan applies these verses to his work? How does this affect your prayer life and your Bible study?

Thursday Ecclesiastes 2:1-11; Matthew 6:1-4; Luke 12:13-21
Satan takes what is good and perverts it! How do you see that in these passages? How can you apply it to your life?

Friday Isaiah 1; Matthew 7:21-23; Acts 5:1-11
Satan leads many to presume upon God’s grace. In what ways? Any lessons for you here?

Saturday Genesis 3; II Corinthians 11:12-15; Matthew 7:15-20
Satan comes as an “angel of light” or “as a friend”, etc. How can we be on guard and recognize his schemes and deceptions?