February 12, 2012 – Morning Worship

Monday Romans 1:8-17; Jeremiah 19
What do these verses teach us about Paul? How do they apply to you?

Tuesday Romans 1:9; Matthew 5:34-37; James 5:12; Deuteronomy 10:20; Isaiah 65:16; II Corinthians 1:23; Hebrews 6:16
“For God is my witness”: Paul is swearing a vow in Romans 1:9, is this ok? Why or why not? When or where?

Wednesday Isaiah 52:1-53:6; Colossians 1
The gospel is both “objective”, i.e. based on observable reality and true propositions, and “subjective”, i.e. applied to us personally so that it actually affects and benefits our lives. How should that affect our daily lives?

Thursday Romans 1:11-15; Jeremiah 31:20; Hosea 11:8; I Thessalonians 2:1-12
Why does Paul “long to see the Roman Christians”? What does that tell us about Paul’s ministry? How does that apply to you?

Friday Romans 1:16; Psalm 73; Mark 5:1-20
Why is Paul “not ashamed of the gospel”? Why would anyone be ashamed of the gospel (certainly none of us!)? How can we be more like Paul?

Saturday Romans 1:17; Habakkuk 1:12-2:4; Hebrews 1
“The righteous shall live by faith”! Truly good news! How does that affect your life and your witness?