July 27, 2014 – Morning Worship

MondayMark 3:21–35

Why do you think Mark mashes together these accounts of Jesus biological family (vv. 21, 31–35) and the misunderstanding of the scribes (vv. 22–30)? What’s his main point, and why is it important for us.

TuesdayPsalm 34; Mark 3:21, 31–32; John 7:3–9; 10:14–21

Jesus’ companions (or “family”) misunderstand who Jesus is thinking him insane. What kind of people think that today? How does this response affirm the historical nature of Mark’s account of Jesus?

WednesdayZechariah 13; Mark 3:22–27; Matthew 12:22–42

The scribes misunderstand who Jesus is, thinking him evil and demon-possessed. What kind of people think this way today? How does this response also have the sound of an historical account?

ThursdayIsaiah 49–51; Mark 3:24–27; Luke 11:14–23

How does Jesus’ “parable” explain who he really is? How does this testimony to the power of Jesus (Lk. 11:22) offer comfort and hope to us as his people? How is Jesus’ parable an encouragement for unity in the body of Christ?

FridayMark 3:28–30; Heb. 6:4–6; 10:24–31; 1 John 5:16

What does Mark say is the unforgivable “blasphemy against the Holy Spirit” (Mk. 3:30)? How ought this statement of Jesus in Mark 3:28–30 be a profound comfort to anyone willing to repent of sin and trust in him? How are they also an important warning against our unbelief?

SaturdayJeremiah 31:9; Hosea 1:10; Mark 3:31–35; John 6:40; Romans 8:12–17; Galatians 4:1–7

The true family of Jesus are those who “sit around him” and “do the will of God.” How can being called “brother and sister and mother” such an amazing comfort and