May 18, 2014 – Morning Worship

MondayJoshua 5:1–12; Genesis 17:1–14; Exodus 12:1–28

In Joshua 5:1–12 we see that the Old Testament sacraments had to be revived. Why do you think they were neglected? Application for us?

TuesdayNumbers 13, 14

Is there a clue in these passages that might point us to the reason that the Old Testament sacraments were neglected and needed to be revived?

WednesdayNumbers 14:20–25; Matthew 15:8–9; Luke 18:9–14; Hebrews 3:7–4:13

You can be outwardly moral, receive the sacraments and still miss heaven! How can that be?

ThursdayJoshua 5:6; Genesis 12:7; Exodus 32:7–14

In Joshua 5:6 the Lord “swore” to the disobedient Israelites that they would not enter the land that the Lord had “sworn” to their fathers they would enter. Is there a contradiction there? Is God’s promise thwarted?

FridayExodus 16; Joshua 5:1–12; II Samuel 19:31–32; Matthew 27:55; Philippians 4:14–20

The manna, God’s provision for Israel through the wilderness, has now ceased. They were now to eat from the produce of the land. Does that mean that God had ceased to provide for them?

Saturday – I Kings 19:9–18; Psalm 104:10–28; Matthew 12:38–42; John 3:27

One of the temptations for God’s people is to think God is only in the “big things”: earthquake, wind, fire, miracles, healings, etc. Believing we must have “dramatic signs” and that God is not in the ordinary things. How can we correct that?