June 8, 2014 – Morning Worship

MondayJoshua 7

Read through Joshua 7 – what are the lessons for us? For you?

TuesdayJoshua 7:1,26; Exodus 32:1–35; Romans 1:18; 5:9; Colossians 3:6; 1 Thessalonians 1:9–10; Hebrews 3:7–19

See in these passages the reality of God’s wrath. In Christ we are saved from God’s wrath, so do these passages have any application for us? For you?

WednesdayJoshua 7:6–9; I Samuel 4:1–11; Psalm 73; Habakkuk 1:1–13

God’s wrath, or discipline, or affliction on His people can lead to great confusion and doubt about God’s purposes for His people. How do we get the right perspective as we walk by faith?

ThursdayJoshua 7:1,11,15,24–25; Numbers 16; Romans 5:12–21

Achan took the devoted things and Israel is accused of sinning. Achan is to be punished and his family and livestock are punished with him. Why? Is this fair?

FridayJoshua 1:5,9; 3:7,10; 6:27; 7:12b; Exodus 33:12–16; Matthew 5:27–30; I Corinthians 5

Nothing is more crucial to God’s people than to have God’s presence with them. In Joshua 7:12b we see God’s presence is tied to proper repentance and church discipline. How should that affect our lives?

SaturdayJoshua 7:16–26; Genesis 18:25; Exodus 32:25–29; Numbers 25:1–9

Many think the punishment on Achan and his family was way too extreme. Do you agree? Why or why not?