January 25, 2015 – Morning Worship

MondayMark 8:27-9:1

This is both the center of the book of Mark and commonly recognized as the “hinge” or turning point of the book of Mark? Why is that and what makes it so important? How does that apply to you?

TuesdayPsalm 2; Mark 8:27-29; 14:53-65

“Christ” means “anointed” (it’s Greek for “Messiah”; John 1:41), so what does Peter mean when he calls Jesus “the Christ”? How do psalms like Psalm 2 help us answer that?

WednesdayIsaiah 52:13-53:12; Mark8:31

Why is it so important that Jesus predicted his own death? How ought that be a comfort and assurance to us?

ThursdayMatthew 4:1-11; Mark 8:32-33; Romans 8:1-11

How is Peter speaking satanic words in rebuking Jesus for predicting his suffering? How are we tempted to set our minds on the “things of man” rather than on the “things of God,” and how might we avoid it?

FridayPsalm 49; Mark 8:34-38; 2 Timothy 2:8-15

A theme in the book of Mark is the cost of discipleship. Why does Jesus tie in his teaching about the cost of discipleship with his suffering, death, and resurrection? How might we apply this?

SaturdayDaniel 7:13-14, 23-27; Mark 9:1; 16:1-8

What did Jesus mean when he promised that some would not taste death before seeing Kingdom of God coming with power? How does that make our perspective on life different as Christians from the rest of the world?