December 21, 2008 – Morning Worship

MondayMatthew 2:13-23; Jeremiah 31
See how the Father loves and protects His Son. How should that encourage us?

TuesdayIsaiah 53; John 1:43-46; Luke 5:27-32
Jesus was despised and rejected, a lowly Nazarene. How can we apply this?

WednesdayRevelation 12; Ephesians 6:10-20
What or who is behind all of the world’s hostility toward Christ and His people?

ThursdayPsalm 2; Matthew 10:1-25; Nehemiah 4
Why do the world’s rulers so often oppose Jesus and His people? How should that affect us?

FridayGenesis 3; 4:1-16; 37:1-28; Matthew 16:21-23
Satan’s creative attacks on God’s people are ancient, using people you wouldn’t expect, and take many forms. What should we beware of?

SaturdayPsalm 139; Romans 8:18-39; Revelation 19
No matter our circumstances or how violently Satan attacks the church and the believer, we know our victory in Christ is sure. How then do we live?