August 28, 2011 – Morning Worship

Monday Judges 10:17-12:7; Isaiah 53
Jephthah was a “rejected savior”.  Remind you of anyone? What does this teach us?

Tuesday I Samuel 16:1-13; Acts 9:1-22; I Peter 2:4
God often chooses and uses the one most of us would least expect. What can we learn from that?

Wednesday Judges 11:12-13; I Samuel 15:1-31; Mark 14:53-65
To be falsely accused is not new for God’s people. How should we respond to it?

Thursday Judges 11:29-40; II Samuel 11; Acts 5:1-11
Many argue that Jephthah would never literally sacrifice his daughter; it must mean something different, like celibacy for the Lord, etc. What do you think? What can we learn from this?

Friday Daniel 4; Matthew 20:20-28; Acts 12:20-23
How does pride affect our knowledge of God and our living a life of godliness? How does it affect your life? What do you do about it?

Saturday Judges 11:30-31; Numbers 20:10-13; Acts 14:8-18; Hebrews 4:14-16
There is only one perfect savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. How do we apply this in our daily lives?