March 10, 2013 – Morning Worship

MondayNumbers 17:12-18:32

What do we learn here about ourselves and our God? How can you apply that today?

TuesdayNumbers 16; Psalm 46

What is the context in which Numbers 17:12-18:32 is found? How does that help us understand the passage? Given Korah’s rebellion why is Psalm 46 ascribed to his sons and what does that mean for us?

WednesdayHebrews 7

How is Numbers 18 related to our understanding of the priestly office of our Savior Jesus Christ? How is he similar to Aaron and the Levites and how is he different? Why is this important for us?

ThursdayNumbers 18:9-32; 1 Corinthians 9:1-23

How does the principle of tithes in Numbers 18 apply to the church today? In what important ways are elders and pastors NOT like the priest of Israel?

FridayHebrews 4:14-5:10

What is the author’s point about Jesus in this passage? How does that change the way you live your life today?

SaturdayJeremiah 17; John 2:13-25

How does Jesus knowing man make him the perfect priest? How does it attest to his divine nature? What does that mean for us?